full hotels, empty lobbies. winning combo.


prefer to check-in via hotel app

Research has found that 62% of guests prefer to check-in via a hotel app, opposed to at a front desk or via a web link.


Average time to complete check-in

Checking in has never been easier or quicker. Just imagine what you could do with all that extra time! As we say: full hotels, empty lobbies. Winning combo.


Account Creation

Bringing back lost data from OTA’s

100% Verified Email Addresses

Shackle is collecting 100% approved, verified email addresses, even from OTA bookings! Just one of the ways we’re bringing data back to hotels.

Automatic & Manual Booking Pairing

Our little bit of magic! Shackle can automatically pair a booking upon creating an account!

Phone Number Verification

We also verify the guest through their phone number! So don’t worry, you’ll always know who’s staying in your hotel.


Contactless Check-in

check-in online, not in-line

Because let’s be honest: none of us like queues.

Check-in on-line, not in-line. Catchy hey? In a post covid world: safety is the new luxury. Our aim is to make lobby queues a thing of the past meaning time saved for both you & your guest, with increased satisfaction along the way. Replicating reimagining the hotel registration card without the paperwork.


Average time to check-in (without Shackle)


Average yearly cost of a front desk team*


Ready to start your own journey?

Ready for guaranteed happy guests? Ready to take your hotel to the next level? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started.

See how it works yourself


End-to-end solution for seamless payments




Simplified Tokenised Payments

Simplifying & consolidating the payments infrastructure, through our digital wallet: giving peace of mind to our hotels (and users).

Global Reach & Trusted Payment Providers

Our solution has a global reach, allowing for better conversion and cutting payment processing costs in all your countries, old and new.

Fully global & integrated way to pay
150+ processing currencies.
Domestic processing in over 50 countries.
Full end-to-end solution for guests & hotels
20 settlement currencies.
Multiple payment methods

One Time Entry

Allow guests to transact in their own currency, language, and preferred payment method, removing the need to enter card details on every transaction.

One Click Purchases

Users will enter their details once and thereafter have one touch pay for all their purchases. Easy. Peasy. Lemon squeezy.

Simplified Payments

Giving guests a seamless in-app payment option allowing them to pay for room service and hotel stays with the tap of a button.

Reduced Fraud

With multiple enhanced ID processes, we can detect fraud earlier, faster & on a wider scale.

Reduced Chargebacks

We can reduce chargebacks and prevent disputes, using advanced technology combined with customisable risk rules.

Increased Revenue

Lower transaction fees from dealing directly with leading PSPs to remove costly payment middleware, fewer chargebacks = more savings.

Keyless Entry

unlock your room with a tap

Convenience at its best. Guests can head straight to their room using their phone as their key.

How many times a day are you cutting new key cards? Well cut that number in half as Shackle integrates with all of the largest door lock manufacturers in the hospitality world, allowing the guest to head straight to their room with only their phone.


Food & Beverage

your very own deliveroo(m)

*if anyone from a certain food delivery brand is reading this: please don’t sue.


Display menus (including allergens).
Pay via Shackle (App).
Promotions / Deals (e.g Happy Hour; Specials).
Order via Shackle (App).
Scheduling orders.
Back of house dashboard showing order status.


increase in order value from digital ordering

With food and beverage being a big part of the guests' stay, Shackle aims to make the discovery of offerings and ordering as seamless as the check in experience. With digital ordering showing an increase in order value of anywhere between 15%-20% there is a big upside for our hotels.

Post pandemic hotels guests are more comfortable with digital ordering, and hotels have tried to deliver information using a multitude of QR codes dotted around the property. With Shackle we can provide menus across different day parts (breakfast, lunch, dinner etc) and ensure the guest has access to all menus in the app.



leaving with a smile on their face.

Guests can settle up securely whilst packing up their room in a few simple clicks.

Rest assured, they can’t pull a fast one - even though Shackle is the fastest way to check-out!

Ready to start your our journey?

Ready for guaranteed happy guests? Ready to take your hotel to the next level? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started.

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